LOVE/HATE….The Boys Are Back In Town

November 19, 2012, 9:09



Love/Hate, hailed by some as the best drama RTÉ has produced, returned to the small screen on Sunday 11th November and was watched by, on average, *630,700 national individuals and providing RTÉ with just under 35 percent share of viewing for the same audience.


The series which was created by writer and former Last Word producer Stuart Carolan and directed by David Caffrey, tells the story of feuding inner-city gang members and their wives, girlfriends, drug-connections and victims.  It has grown its popularity consistently over the three series delivering on average 453,200 national individuals to the first series in Oct 2010 (a share of 27.4 percent), growing to 543,900 for series two in 2011 (a share of 31.6 percent) and the first episode of series three has not bucked this trend.


It is definitely a programme that seems to generate chatter and had the Twitterati exercising their digits in force generating 1,189 tweets in anticipation of its return on 11th November alone. My suggestion:  make a date with the couch, take control of the remote and tune in to RTÉ 1 @ 9.30 on Sunday.



Source: (search against #lovehate)


*Source of TV viewership data:  Nielsen Arianna, Live+Vosal Data




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